A SAP calculation is required for all building conversions where a change in building materials has taken place in order to pass building regulations. The size of  the conversion may range from a large industrial unit being turned into flats, or a small loft conversion. What ever the size, we can provide the relevant SAP calculations you need.

What is a Material Change 
to a building?
  • The dwelling contains a flat where it previously did not.

  • The dwelling is used as an institution, where previously it was not.

  • The dwelling is used as a shop, where previously it was not.

  • The building contains a room for residential purposes, where previously it did not.

  • The building, which contains at least one dwelling, contains a greater or lesser number of dwellings than it did previously.

For you to receive an EPC you must comply with building regulations to show that the building standards have been met. By completing a SAP calculation you are proving evidence to building standards that compliance has been achieved. 

Calculating Conversion
Standard Assessment Procedures

Conversion SAP calculations are completed by one of our trained SAP assessors. Various pieces of information will need to be gathered for an accurate SAP to be completed. The renewable systems, type of lighting and ventilation are examples of the energy consumption we will need to have information for. Understanding where the existing and projected external building materials and opening are going are will also be needed to complete the SAP. ​
The Buildings Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) will be calculated once the relevant information has been received from you. By inputting this information into our SAP software a score can be determined.  ​
The SAP calculation can be changed and improved during the construction of your extension. We will amend the SAP and include any changes you undertake to your development. When you have agreed a final design and you are happy with the materials and building specifications, we can provide you with a as built SAP which can be used to produce an EPC.

What we need from you

For our assessors to prepare and complete your buildings SAP calculations we will need the following drawings and specifications from you;

Elevation drawings

Site plans

Ventilation specifications

Floor plans

Glazing specifications

Door specifications

Section drawings

Heating specifications

Lighting specifications

If there is anything you feel unclear about or you simply want to speak to one of our team members, don't hesitate to give our office a call.