L2A SBEM Calculations conducted by experienced assessors

SBEM Calculations for New Build Construction

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An SBEM Calculation (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a calculation used to predict the energy efficiency of a new build commercial building. The SBEM certificate issued once the calculation has passed compliance is used as part of L2A building regulations. Without this certificate you cannot legally sell or rent your property. 

SBEM calculations in England and Wales calculate how much CO2 emissions are being emitted from a commercial building. In order to pass your SBEM calculations you must reach a certain score, which is dependant on the building specifications. Once this score has been achieved you will receive an SBEM certificate which is part of your EPC (Energy performance certificate).


SBEM calculations are completed in two stages:

1.) Design Stage

2.) As-Built Stage 

One of our experienced SBEM assessors will be able to guide you through the process to ensure you achieve the results  and SBEM certificate you require, allowing you to pass building regulations on time. 

What do our SBEM assessors need from you?

Drawings (For proposed and existing dwelling) :

Elevation, Section Drawings 

Floor and Site Plans


Windows (Frame material, width of Gap, emissivity of glass)

Doors (Frame material, width of gap)

Heating and cooling

Ventilation system

Hot water system (Cylinder size and controls)

SBEM calculations for commercial new builds

Design stage SBEM calculations

SBEM calculations are completed by our trained SBEM assessors. All we need from you are elevations and design plans and we can complete your audit and provide you with an EPC. Plans and designs can be changed during the design stage by your architect to improve the energy efficiency of your building to pass compliance. This can be done by changing the building specifications.


If your SBEM calculation does not pass first time, cost effective solutions can be discussed by our trained SBEM assessors to get you back on track with passing your calculations. A more air tight building may be a solution to this problem. 

​When a finalised specification has been agreed, we can produce a design stage SBEM calculation that can be issued to building control. 

As - built SBEM calculations 

Our SBEM software will take into account the building specifications and the air tightness test results. If any editing is needed to reach compliance, one of our trained SBEM assessors will do so accordingly. If this cannot be done, our assessors will provide you with more remedial advice. 

Our SBEM assessor will finalise the SBEM calculations and create the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) along with the As-Built SBEM, which must be issued to building control for their final sign off procedure. 

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