BREEAM Testing in Sheffield

BREEAM assessments provide the world’s leading sustainability testing for masterplan projects, infrastructure and buildings. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) was launched in 1990 and is considered the industry benchmark for the environmental performance of new developments and refurbishment schemes.

    What does BREEAM measure?

    BREEAM testing evaluates procurement, design, construction and operation of new builds and refurbishments, focusing on sustainability benchmarks. These sustainable targets are measured across various criteria, which are as follows:

    • Energy
    • Land use and ecology
    • Water
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Pollution
    • Transport
    • Materials
    • Waste
    • Management

    The testing is carried out in two certification stages; a design stage assessment results in an interim certificate, followed by a post-construction assessment resulting in a second certificate being issued and a final rating awarded. A final rating is given across a broad scale of Unclassified (<30%), Pass (>30%), Good (>45%), Very Good (>55%), Excellent (>70%) and Outstanding (>85%). 

    Once a BREEAM assessment has been completed, clients or other stakeholders can compare the building’s performance against other BREEAM-rated developments. Each BREEAM rating offers a building quality equivalent to:

    1. Outstanding: Less than top 1% of UK new non-domestic buildings (innovator)
    2. Excellent: Top 10% of UK new non-domestic buildings (best practice)
    3. Very Good: Top 25% of UK new non-domestic buildings (advanced good practice)
    4. Good: Top 50% of UK new non-domestic buildings (intermediate good practice)
    5. Pass: Top 75% of UK new non-domestic buildings (standard good practice)

    Benefits of BREEAM for homes in Sheffield

    Sustainability is an integral part of modern building and property development. BREEAM inspires innovation and encourages developers to use resources effectively, focusing on sustainable values and enhancing the well-being of people who live and work on projects. BREEAM aids in reducing operational costs, limits investors’ risk for future developments, offers a more attractive property to let, sell or retain and adds to an overall healthier working environment.

    Experienced BREEAM assessors in Sheffield

    At Purple Energy, we have knowledgable licensed assessors carrying out BREEAM testing for several years. We offer practical advice before the test to give you a complete breakdown of the process. Our team has a wealth of experience and takes pride in ensuring we complete the job in a swift and timely manner whilst providing the very highest-quality service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For those of you who still have some questions, we have a couple of common queries we receive from clients.

    The fee for registering a BREEAM assessment has changed over the years. As of 2022, the cost of the testing is £280. On top of that, certification fees for new builds range from £810 for a ‘simple’ building to £4,160 for more significant and more complicated developments.

    Given the growing popularity of BREEAM assessments, it’s common for clients to demand that the testing is used. The UK Government’s Construction Strategy stipulates that an environmental assessment should be carried out on all new building projects and refurbishments to achieve an excellent rating according to the criteria set out in BREEAM (or other sustainability assessment methods). In some cases, local authorities demand BREEAM certification as part of the local plan or as a part of specific planning conditions imposed on the developments.

    The test criteria are divided into various categories, focusing on reduced carbon emissions, low impact design, adaptation to climate change, ecological value and biodiversity protection.

    The overall score is translated into a percentage rating on a scale of BREEAM certification levels. These scores are as follows: Unclassified (<30%), Pass (>30%), Good (>45%), Very Good (>55%), Excellent (>70%) and Outstanding (>85%). It’s worth noting that any BREEAM rating that falls below 30% will be considered non-compliant.

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