BREEAM Testing in London

BREEAM assessments are considered the premium science-based sustainability testing for building design, construction and operation. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a globally recognised test and is often requested for environmental performance assessment by clients and project managers for numerous different building types.

    What does BREEAM measure?

    Our certificated BREEAM assessments are delivered using recognised measures of performance, which evaluate a building’s specification, design, and construction against sustainability benchmarks. The criteria for assessing the sustainable qualities of a new build or refurbishment project are measured across these targets:

    • Energy
    • Land use and ecology
    • Water
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Pollution
    • Transport
    • Materials
    • Waste
    • Management

    BREEAM testing is completed in two certification stages. The first is the design stage, and the second is the post-construction stage. Building projects will first be awarded an ‘Interim’ Certificate based on design stage information, followed by a “Final” Certificate after the building work has been completed. The overall performance is then classified by one of the following ratings:

    • Unclassified (<30%)
    • Pass (>30%)
    • Good (>45%)
    • Very Good (>55%)
    • Excellent (>70%)
    • Outstanding (>85%)

    Once an overall rating has been achieved, project managers, clients and other stakeholders can measure the building against other developments using the BREEAM rating, providing an industry standard for sustainable developments. Each building offers a building quality corresponding to the classifications below: 

    Outstanding: Less than top 1% of UK new non-domestic buildings (innovator)
    Excellent: Top 10% of UK new non-domestic buildings (best practice)
    Very Good: Top 25% of UK new non-domestic buildings (advanced good practice)
    Good: Top 50% of UK new non-domestic buildings (intermediate good practice)
    Pass: Top 75% of UK new non-domestic buildings (standard good practice)

    Benefits of BREEAM for developments in London

    BREEAM testing focuses on reducing waste and promoting resourceful, efficient building. This is achieved by reusing and recycling on-site materials, minimising building projects’ costs and energy expenditure. BREEAM hopes to inspire innovative new ways to maximise materials usage and encourage developers and creators to be more conscientious of sustainable values.

    Experienced BREEAM assessors in London

    Our team is well acquainted with the BREEAM testing procedure, assisting clients in designing all building types, including schools, healthcare buildings, offices, industrial units, and more. We guide customers through the process, with our experienced assessors providing insightful advice on new build and refurbishment projects to help you achieve your sustainability and BREEAM goals. Customers can rest assured that they will receive the consistent quality expected from Purple Energy.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      To help you quickly find the answers you need, we’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding BREEAM testing.

      Depending on the type of building—whether it’s a Government, DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families) or a Department of Health project or refurbishment—some planning authorities require a BREEAM rating on a building as a condition of giving planning permission. Property agents may find that clients demand testing and specific sustainable quality standards are met.

      BREEAM assessments are carried out through recognised performance measures to evaluate the quality of a building’s construction and design. The testing is based on established benchmarks, which are transparent and easy to understand, supported by recognised science and research criteria from energy to ecology. The meticulous standards of BREEAM ensure that building projects positively influence the design, construction and management of resources. 

      Clients use BREEAM testing, development agencies, and planners to assess the sustainability performance of new building projects and refurbishments. The process is quick and thorough and creates a benchmark for measuring buildings across the entire property marketplace.

      It’s increasingly common to find property agents using BREEAM scores to promote sustainable property’s environmental credentials and advantages to purchasers and tenants.