Alongside planning applicants, Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are demanding Energy Statements more and more. The aim? To check how new building developments will meet their carbon emission and renewable energy targets.

These statements, also known as Energy Strategy Reports, are an additional requirement to the sustainability tests required by the Building Regs—the difference being that Building Regs have national requirements, whereas Energy Statements have local ones.

Energy Statements
for planning in
London & Elsewhere

What are
Energy Statements?

Energy Statements only used to be required for projects within Greater London, and while they are now being asked for nationwide, London projects have the toughest requirements to meet. Thanks to the ‘London Plan’—a comprehensive London planning framework in place until 2031—statements for developments in the capital must demonstrate huge reductions in CO2 emissions, going as for as requiring sites to be Zero Carbon.

 Outside of London, it is the new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) which has been the catalyst for such proof of sustainability. It obligates Local Authorities to encourage sustainable development, and Energy Statements are a solid way to control this.

What's included in
an Energy Statement?

Your Energy Statement is basically a record outlining how your development will achieve the LPA’s Targets. It must include a calculation of the predicted energy/CO2 emissions, and a demonstration of how any of the proposed improvements could reduce energy consumption.

To create the report, the consultant uses information from Building Regs Part L calculations, like SAP or SBEM, and any other assessments that could be required depending on the location-many places require BREEAM, and some require water reporting too.

For any proposed renewable technologies, the statement must provide a complete feasibility study. This must outline how it would make use of existing power and heat networks, or provide new hubs for novel networks of the future.

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