Phase 2 Site Investigation Report


Phase I aims to assess the likelihood of a site harboring hazardous substances, while Phase II conducts a more comprehensive investigation to confirm actual contamination and assess its potential impact on groundwater, the environment, or any developments.

Phase 2 Site Investigation Report
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What are
Phase 2 Site Investigation Report?

Phase 2 Site Investigations constitute the second phase in the site investigation process, initiated based on the findings and recommendations outlined in the Phase 1 Desk Study. Typically regarded as a ‘preliminary investigation,’ this stage involves intrusive ground exploration, employing a mix of techniques determined by potential risks identified during the preceding Phase 1 Desk Study. Purple Energy specializes in ground investigations for diverse sites and projects, including contaminated land, proposed infrastructure like roads and bridges, former mining areas, and landfills.

How we perform Phase 2 Site Investigation Report

The methods employed in Phase 2 Site Investigations encompass hand pitting, machine-excavated trial pitting, window sampling, windowless sampling, cable percussion boreholes, rotary open boreholes, and rotary cored boreholes. The selection of these techniques depends on sources/receptors, geology/hydrogeology, and access constraints. An ideal Phase 2 Site Investigation aims to gather comprehensive information for geoenvironmental and geotechnical purposes. This approach proves cost-effective by minimizing the potential need for repeat investigations. Samples collected during the investigation undergo chemical and geotechnical testing.

How Purple Energy can help ?

Typically, a specialized engineering geologist from our team designs the preliminary site investigation, utilizing both targeted and non-targeted methods to achieve comprehensive coverage and pinpoint potential sources. The results of this investigation often suffice to determine a site’s suitability for use. Sometimes, they may indicate the need for further work or a Phase 3 Site Investigation.

Conducting a Phase 2 Preliminary Site Investigation enables us to optimize costs for our clients, as many sites may not necessitate a Phase 3 Detailed Site Investigation.

For additional information on site investigations or to discuss a specific project, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the provided details or through the contact page on this site.

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