Conversion SBEM calculations are required for all building conversions where there are material changes made. Without a compliant SBEM calculation you cannot legally sell or rent your property. The size of the conversion may range from a large warehouse to a small loft conversion. What ever the size, we can provide the relevant calculations you need to pass building regulations on time. 

What is a Material Change
to a building?

  • The dwelling is used as a hotel or boarding house, where previously it was not.

  • The dwellings is used as an institution, where previously it was not.

  • The dwelling is used as a public building e.g. sports hall or community centre, where previously it was not.

  • The dwelling contains a room for residential purposes e.g. hostel or halls of residence type rooms, where previously it did not.

  • The dwelling is used as a shop, where previously it was not.


Completing an SBEM Calculation provides building control evidence that you have complied with building standards and you are meeting the required standards to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at the end of the build. 

S.B.E.M LB2 Conversions

SBEM calculations are completed by collecting certain pieces of information from you. Once we have received this information, one of our trained SBEM assessors will begin to calculate the projected energy consumption of the proposed building. This is done by taking into account the buildings ventilation, lighting and renewable systems along with calculating the external building fabric and openings.  

When we have gathered all of the relevant information from you, our SBEM assessors will enter this into the SBEM software, which will provide the buildings dwelling emission rate (DER).  

Once the project has began, our SBEM assessors will be able to provide you with step by step advice on what may need changing to the design of the building. This will only be necessary if the SBEM calculation is failing to meet the required DER. When this has been finalised we will be able to provide you with your SBEM and EPC, enabling you to pass building regulations.

What we need from you?

For our assessors to prepare and complete your buildings SAP calculations we will need the following drawings and specifications from you;

Elevation drawings
Floor plans
Section drawings

Site plans
Door specifications
Heating specifications

Ventilation specifications
Glazing specifications
Hot Water System

If there is anything you feel unclear about or you simply want to speak to one of our team members, don’t hesitate to give our office a call.