Air Tightness Testing in Leeds

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For customers in need of an air tightness test in Leeds, we strongly advise getting in touch with us and we can discuss your options and send out one of our experts to assess the property. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us today.

    What is Air Pressure Testing?

    Air pressure testing is sometimes referred to as air leaking testing, air tightness testing, and air permeability testing, and is a short and simple test to measure how much air leaks from a building. In terms of air tightness testing in Leeds, we ensure comercial and domestic buildings meet the L1A and L2A requirements of national building regulations. Air pressure testing is a fundamental part of SAP calculations, which are mandatory before any building can be sold.

    Air Pressure Testing in Leeds

    While this may not be something home-owners concern themselves with, air escaping through gaps and cracks can be costly. Measuring the thermal envelope of a building, allows us to assess the exact amount of unwanted air leakage. The focus of air testing is to reduce the cost of bills and minimalize energy usage for Leeds-based residents.

    Why Choose Purple Energy to perform your air tests in Leeds?

    Operating in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, and across Yorkshire, the Purple Energy team continue to provide the calibre of service that customers don’t forget. Working with us means you have a dedicated team working towards achieving a pass for Part L of the building regulations in the quickest time possible.

    Experienced Air Testing Assessors in the Leeds Area

    Our highly-skilled team of professionals strives to delivery a supreme quality of service in the Leeds area. For those that are looking for licensed experts to carry out air testing, contact us today to find out more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our procedure for an air tightness test in Leeds, begins with us emptying the dwelling and closing all the openings. Then, we’ll install air testing equipment—essentially big fans—by placing it in a doorway or other type of external opening. At this point, we can take numerous air pressure readings to provide a final score of air tightness.

    It normally takes us around 45 minutes to complete air tests. Sometimes it’s less, but it’s very rarely more.

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