Air Tightness Testing Manchester

Affordable, efficient, and ATTMA-accredited.

We understand that customers want to complete air tightness / pressure testing quickly and efficiently. For this reason, our local knowledge and ability to get the job done to meet the timescale of your project makes us a firm favorite in Manchester for air testing.

    What is Air Pressure Testing?

    For any new builds, commercial or domestic, it’s compulsory to meet the regulatory standards L1A and L2A for air pressure testing. This is sometimes referred to as air leaking testing, air permeability testing, or air tightness testing. The tests are designed to assess the amount of air leaking through a building’s thermal envelope. Air tightness testing in Manchester is necessary for any building that is due to go on the market, as it makes up a part of SAP calculations that are required by law.

    Air Testing Process for Homes in Manchester

    The goal of air testing is to keep buildings as airtight as possible. Beyond keeping the house warm, home-owners will benefit from reducing the cost of bills and mitigating the environmental impact of energy usage. By measuring the thermal envelope of a building, we will help Manchester residents to avoid unwanted air leakage.

    Why Choose Purple Energy to perform your air tests in Manchester?

    We offer a comprehensive service, delivering first-rate testing and assessment services. Air testing has been at the very core of our service since Purple Energy took it’s first job. Our growing customerbase can vouch for our quality and speedy service, with a long-list of positive references.

    Experienced Air Testing Assessors in Manchester

    We have build a reputation by delivering a consistent and quality service. Our engineers have all been part of the team for over three years and working in the industry for many more. When you’re ready to start air testing assessment, we’ll be waiting for your call.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The procedure is quite straightforward. First, we close up all the openings and then place a special fan – or a number of them – on an external door. Then, we take multiple air pressure readings before providing you with one final score.

    It normally takes us around 45 minutes to complete air tests. Sometimes it’s less, but it’s very rarely more.

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