Air Tightness Testing in Sheffield

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    What is Air Pressure Testing?

    Also known as air tightness testing, air leaking testing, and air permeability testing, air pressure testing is a process whereby special fans are used to measure how much air leaks from a building as a whole. It’s a mandatory requirement for part L1A and L2A of the building regulations, and it must be carried out for every new build – whether commercial or domestic. The tests are a key part of the SAP calculations, which must be passed for any building to be legally sold.

    Air Testing for Homes in Sheffield

    In the long run, our Sheffield air tightness testing service makes Steel City’s houses more airtight. This keeps bills low for future Sheffielders, and gives the environment a helping hand too. The air that escapes through gaps and cracks is quantified, and we can advise on how best to ratify issues for the next time around if a build fails.

    Why Choose Purple Energy to perform your air tests in Sheffield?

    Air tightness testing in Sheffield is our bread and butter. Our dedicated engineers serve the whole city and greater South Yorkshire area, and we have bags of positive referrals available on request. We work efficiently to keep times down, with minimal interference to your site.

    Experienced Air Testing Assessors in Sheffield

    Experience aplenty. We have engineers who are Sheffield born and bred and they have performed countless air tightness tests in the area. If you need to pass your part L building regulations, we’re at your service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The air tightness testing procedure involves sealing the building’s envelope and then placing a special fan or a number of fans on an appropriate opening, like an external door. Then, multiple readings are taken at different pressures which combine for one final air pressure reading

    Our air tightness tests take no more than 45 minutes to complete, and as they’re in Sheffield, we can normally handle any urgent or ad-hoc jobs too.

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