Air Tightness Testing in Yorkshire

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Get in touch to discuss the details of your air tightness test in Yorkshire. This will ensure you get the score you’re after in a timely manner. One of our team will be happy to talk you through everything prior to the visit.

    What is Air Pressure Testing?

    Also known as air tightness testing, air leaking testing, and air permeability testing, air pressure testing is a process whereby special fans are used to measure how much air leaks from a building as a whole. It’s a mandatory requirement for part L1A and L2A of the building regulations, and it must be carried out for every new build – whether commercial or domestic. The tests are a key part of the SAP calculations, which must be passed for any building to be legally sold.

    Air Pressure Testing in Yorkshire

    Air escapes through gaps and cracks, but the amount isn’t quantifiable without the special equipment and knowhow. In measuring the exact amount of unwanted air leakage in a building’s thermal envelope, our air tightness testing helps make Yorkshire’s buildings more airtight. That makes for cheaper bills for the future inhabitants and less harm to the environment in terms of CO2.

    Why Choose Purple Energy to perform your air tests in Yorkshire?

    From Sheffiled to Leeds and York to Hull, our dedicated team of engineers work throughout Yorkshire providing accurate testing and invaluable remedial advice. Air tightness tests are our bread and butter, and we work efficiently to get you the results you require to pass part L building regulations in the least amount of time possible.

    Experienced Air Testing Assessors in Yorkshire

    All of the current team have at least three years experience, and most are actually from the Yorkshire area. If you’re looking for an accredited professional with local knowledge, safe to say you’re in the right place.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The procedure is quite straightforward. First, we close up all the openings and then place a special fan – or a number of them – on an external door. Then, we take multiple air pressure readings before providing you with one final score.

    It normally takes us around 45 minutes to complete air tests. Sometimes it’s less, but it’s very rarely more.

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