SAP Calculations in Liverpool

Affordable, efficient, and ATTMA-accredited.

Working with our experienced and well-informed team will make the process of carrying out SAP calculations that much easier.

We have been operating in the Liverpool area for some years now and can swiftly run calculations for new builds, extensions, and conversions. A quick assessment of your building plans and some boxes to tick and we can get to work straight away.

    What are SAP Calculations?

    As is required by Part L of the Building Regulations, SAP calculations are essential assessments needed in order to pass regulations for new builds, extensions and conversations. Regardless of what type of new development it is, L1A SAP calculations are mandatory. However, L1B SAP calculations are required specifically for extensions and conversions.

    When making SAP calculations a number of variables are taken into account. All said and done, the calculations will result in a score ranging from 1 to 100. Developers are aiming for the highest score possible, as a high score suggests the building is energy-efficient.

    SAP Calculations in Liverpool

    As is the case across the building and property development industry, regulations have tightened making it increasingly difficult to pass SAP tests. New builds from just 5 or 6 years ago, wouldn’t pass when measured against today’s standards.

    All the more reason for you to work with trusted and experienced assessors, ones that have seen the evolution of industry standards and what it takes to achieve a pass. The earlier we get onboard, the easier it’ll be for us to ensure you pass the SAP tests. Contact us today and we can get the ball rolling.

    How long do they take?

    It’s standard procedure for our SAP calculations to be concluded within 48 hours from receiving the request. Having said that, it does depend on the type of building and the timeline of your project, as we can be flexible. Once we’ve done the work on-site and completed the SAP assessment, in just 5-10 working days you should receive your report (based on standard UKBC times).

    Experienced SAP Assessors in Liverpool

    Despite Sheffield being the city that put the Purple Energy name on the map, our Liverpool customer base is probably our fastest-growing since we took our operations nationally. From Anfield to Woolton, our team of experts are available across the city of Liverpool.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Without building plans or a vague idea of the size of the building in question, it’s very difficult to give a quote for the price of a SAP calculation. What we can say is that we have made a name for ourselves by offering affordable solutions to clients across the UK. So, send us your plans and we’ll get to work on a quote.

    Similarly to the costing process, the length of time it takes to conduct SAP calculations is dependent on the size of the job. Though, generally speaking, the process can be completed within a 48 hour period once we receive the offer. You can expect to receive the report within 5-10 working days, based on standard UKBC times.

    In order to pass a SAP test, you must achieve a final score that satisfies the various regulatory requirements set by the Building Regulations. The final score is based on various criteria, which break down into these areas:

    • Ventilation Test and Air Tightness Test results
    • Type of building materials and thermal insulation used to construct the dwelling
    • Solar Gains
    • Productivity and governance of the buildings heating system
    • Method of heating water and preference of space, ventilation and lighting
    • Instalment of renewable energy technologies e.g. thermal heat pump, solar panels

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