SAP Calculations in Sheffield

Efficiency calculations, done efficiently

Our accredited assessors are well experienced in conducting SAP calculations in the Sheffield area – it’s where most of our team are based.

Whether it’s a new domestic build, an extension or a conversion, we’ll help you get the result you need in as little time as possible. All we need is your building plans and a bit of extra information about your project. Easy.

    What are SAP Calculations?

    A mandatory requirement according to Part L of the Building Regulations, SAP calculations are efficiency assessments that must be passed for new builds, extensions and conversions. L1A SAP calculations are performed for all new build developments, whereas the L1B SAP calculations are aimed explicitly at extensions and conversions.

    Various factors are taken into account to make the SAP calculation, and at the end, you will be given a score between 1 and 100. The higher the score, the more energy-efficient the proposed dwelling will be.

    SAP Calculations in Sheffield

    Air escapes through gaps and cracks, but the amount isn’t quantifiable without the special equipment and knowhow. In measuring the exact amount of unwanted air leakage in a building’s thermal envelope, our air tightness testing helps make Yorkshire’s buildings more airtight. That makes for cheaper bills for the future inhabitants and less harm to the environment in terms of CO2.

    How long do SAP Calculations take?

    We usually complete SAP Calculations within 48 hours from receiving the order, but this can vary depending on the type of build in question and the timeline of your project. Once we have completed the SAP assessment, we normally need around 7-8 working days to issue your report (working within standard UKBC times).

    Experienced SAP Assessors in Sheffield

    Sheffield is where it all began for Purple Energy, it’s the home of our HQ and also the home of three of our very best SAP Assessors. Our team have seen it all and this puts them in the best place to help you with your project. If you’re after experienced professionals with local knowledge, it’ll be hard to beat us in Steel City.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This very much depends on the type of build in question, as the requirements for the SAP can be different each time. However, at Purple Energy we take pride in offering affordable solutions and will do our best to beat any alternative quote you have been given. All you need to do is send us over your building plans along with the quote and we’ll take it from there.

    Again, this is dependent on the specific project at hand, but we normally complete the calculation within a 48 hour period after we receive the booking. We work within standard UKBC times, and the reports are issued within a 5-10 working day period. We get things done as efficiently as possible, and these turnaround times reflect that.

    To pass a SAP test your build must achieve a final score that meets the success criteria for the type of build in question. This final score is dictated by things like:

    • Ventilation Test and Air Tightness Test results
    • Instalment of renewable energy technologies e.g. thermal heat pump, solar panels
    • Type of building materials and thermal insulation used to construct the dwelling
    • Solar Gains
    • Productivity and governance of the buildings heating system
    • Method of heating water and preference of space, ventilation and lighting

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